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What is the drinking age of particular drinks?

Friends, I am working on a piece of Internet writing about drinking age for booze-saturated column on Grub Street.

I do not mean drinking age in the legal sense however. I want to know what the proper drinking age is for particular kinds of drinks. For instance: you should obviously not be drinking a rusty nail under the age of 60. Similarly, you should stop drinking anything with cranberry in it at the age of 29.

I tell you about this upcoming piece before it is written because I need your help. What are some drinks you think have a particular age range associated with them? Or, do you have any unspoken rules you think govern age and alcohol choice?

Respond in the comments or contact me directly if you would like to play along.

P.S. if you would like to know how to make a rusty nail - there is no better instructor for it than this fellow: