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You Will Not Believe is a collection of writing, audio, and web projects by Matthew Latkiewicz. It is based in Turners Falls, MA, but also spends a heck of a lot of time in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT & MORE →

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Please Attend Sloshed School, an evening of drinking and a lecture about drinking

Your bill of fare.

I will again be mixing cocktails and talking booze history at the Rendezvous on Tuesday, January 31st from 7:30 onward. Please join, for you MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING.

Before the Cocktail, there was the Toddy

If you did not attend the previous session, let me fill you in: Sloshed School is an evening of cocktails and cocktail history hosted by me, Matthew Latkiewicz. If you attend, you will receive a short lecture on a period of cocktail-dom as well as the opportunity to consume three special and classic cocktail recipes.

OK BUT SO this session will focus on two basic recipes in vogue before the invention of the cocktail - the Toddy and the Sling. The basics of this drink are spirit, sugar, water. I ask you: WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

Be smart! Remind yourself to attend by RSVPing to this event on Facebook.

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