You Will Not Believe is a one-man shop of semi-creative production run by Matthew Latkiewicz.
For all intents and purposes, "creative production" herein = internet based writing and audio work. MORE →


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What You Will Not Believe Is

You Will Not Believe is a collection of writing, audio, and web projects by Matthew Latkiewicz. It is based in Turners Falls, MA, but also spends a heck of a lot of time in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT & MORE →

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Not About Wine is a wine tasting with a theme. Each episode, Matthew brings a bottle of wine to guest’s house and asks them to compare the wine to something unrelated to wine.

Not About Wine is not being produced at the moment, but there are plans to resuscitate it's production in the future. Please enjoy the initial 10 episodes.

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Episode 5: Sean, Broadside Cabernet, and People You Have Been

Not About Wine Episode 5 Wine and Guest

Guest and Theme

Matthew brings a bottle of wine to the San Francisco, CA house of his friend Sean Collins. They compare each aspect of the wine to the people Sean has been.

We all try on different personas throughout our life -- especially our young life. Sean has tried on the black nail polish of a goth, the tight t-shirts of a nightclub worker, and whatever kinds of clothes spoken word poets where.



Broadside "Margarita Vineyard"


Broadside Wines


Pasa Robles, California


Cabernet Sauvignon

Episode 5: Sean, Broadside Cabernet, and People You Have Been