You Will Not Believe is a one-man shop of semi-creative production run by Matthew Latkiewicz.
For all intents and purposes, "creative production" herein = internet based writing and audio work. MORE →


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What You Will Not Believe Is

You Will Not Believe is a collection of writing, audio, and web projects by Matthew Latkiewicz. It is based in Turners Falls, MA, but also spends a heck of a lot of time in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT & MORE →

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Meanwhile, On The Internet

Not About Wine is a wine tasting with a theme. Each episode, Matthew brings a bottle of wine to guest’s house and asks them to compare the wine to something unrelated to wine.

Not About Wine is not being produced at the moment, but there are plans to resuscitate it's production in the future. Please enjoy the initial 10 episodes.

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Episode 9: Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Rob Baedeker

Matthew drinks a bottle of Box Car 2009 Pinot Noir with Rob Baedeker - comedian, writer and member of sketch group Kasper Hauser.

They compare the wine to:

  • Trouble They've Been In
  • Dining Experiences They've Had
  • Books They've Read
  • Clothes They've Worn
  • A piece of art

About Not About Wine

Not About Wine is a non-traditional game-like approach to wine tasting and wine writing. Each episode, Matthew brings a bottle of wine to his guest's house and leads them through a wine tasting. But instead of wine terms, they compare each aspect of the wine to a non-wine topic: Memories from middle school; John Hughes movies; cars you have owned, etc.

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Special wine-related treat

The nice folks at Lot18.com are offering a deal to Not About Wine listeners. Lot18 is a service that gives its member exclusive deals on some really great wine. Sort of like a groupon for wine. It's invite only right now, but if you go to lot18.com/invite/notaboutwine you can sign up for free and receive $10 off your first order. I am a member and I can vouch for the wine they are slinging. Great stuff for a good price.

Ep. 9: Sonoma Pinot Noir and Rob Baedeker