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You Will Not Believe is a collection of writing, audio, and web projects by Matthew Latkiewicz. It is based in Turners Falls, MA, but also spends a heck of a lot of time in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT & MORE →

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Episode 10: Cotes du Rhone and Corey DiMario

Matthew brings a bottle of French wine to Corey DiMario - bass player in Crooked Still (a bluegrass outfit).


  • Producer: Domaine d'Andezon
  • Vintage: 2005
  • Varietal: Some secret mix of Syrah and Grenache
  • Region: Rhone, France
  • Appelation: Cote du Rhone


  • Color compared to a Sporting Event
  • Nose compared to a Phobia
  • Taste compared to a Celebrity
  • Body compared to a Vacation You've Had
  • Finish compared to a Job You've Had

Do not worry: Kevin Kline is discussed.

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About Not About Wine

Not About Wine is a non-traditional game-like approach to wine tasting and wine writing. Each episode, Matthew brings a bottle of wine to his guest's house and leads them through a wine tasting. But instead of wine terms, they compare each aspect of the wine to a non-wine topic: Memories from middle school; John Hughes movies; cars you have owned, etc.

Not About Wine Ep 10 - Cotes du Rhone and Corey DiMario