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What You Will Not Believe Is

You Will Not Believe is a collection of writing, audio, and web projects by Matthew Latkiewicz. It is based in Turners Falls, MA, but also spends a heck of a lot of time in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT & MORE →

140 Character Messages

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Meanwhile, On The Internet

You Will Not Believe is a one-man shop of semi-creative production run by Matthew Latkiewicz, who is me.

I write about drinking for Grub Street, and wrote about drinking for McSweeney's for a while.

I run a Tour Company that produces fake audio walking tours of real places led by real comedians.

Have I also created a paper notebook product for taking book-reading notes? Like most of you: I have.

Also, I write periodically about creativity and how to get work done.

In other words:

An expert of nothing

Here is a picture of me writing about booze. I am not a liar:

And here is a picture of vodka in a water bottle package:

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